Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Lush Products: Day Of The Dead!

So as most of you probably know lush bring out products relating to the seasons e.g. Easter, Christmas, Halloween... So as halloween is coming up they've bought out a range of products based on the holiday celebrated by mexicans called Day of the Dead!These products are limited edition and won't be around for long so make sure you take a trip down to your local lush and purchase these amazing products!!

Day of the Dead is celebrated on October 31st to November 2nd, the festival is a traditional and beautiful celebration of the lives of those who have passes away and alows the living to remember them in their own way.

Anyway onto the products...

The first product is called Calacas and is avaliable in 3 colours, yellow, green and orange. They are priced at £2.95 for a 100g skull shaped shower jelly. One of it's ingrediants is aloe vera which is very effective for cooling and soothing the skin. It helps to reduce redness and irritations. It has a lovely scent of lime and jelly bean.

The next product is a soap called Lady Catrina, it's a beautiful purple with bright coloured shapes on top. You can get a 100g chunk of this soap for £2.95. This wonderful soap smells of lime with a zesty fragrance of fruit pastilles. As well as leaving your skin smelling amazing, this soap will make your skin super soft! This is the soap that will wake you up in the morning because of the nice smell.

Last but not least is Calavera, this is a bath ballistic (bath bomb). You can get this ballistic for £2.95. It has the scent of lime which is a mexican favourite with food and alcohol. Drop this in your bath with the water running and it will make the water look magical as it changes colour!

My next post will be about the Christmas products!

Becky xx