Friday, 23 July 2010

I really wasn't sure what to wear today so i just got my grey skirt white top and put it together, when i decided what i was wearing i wasn't sure whether to have the top tucked in on left out, i think it looks nice both ways but today i decided i was going to wear it tucked in.

However after looking threw my clothes i decided to try it on with a black top, so i decided to go with the black top but left it out not tucked in cause personially i think it looked better like this. I also wore a light grey cardigan which i didn't wear while taking this picture.

Black Top - New Look - £3, White Top - New Look - £3, Grey Skirt - H&M - £7

Black Leggings - Primark - £3, Black Cardigan - Tesco - £6, Grey Cardigan - Primark - £7

Brown Boots (Not shown in this post, but shown in previous ones) - H&M - £7

Becky xx

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