Saturday, 18 September 2010


I'm sat on the sofa bored watching NCIS so I thought I'd do a random blog post! This is the first blog post I'm doing on my phone so I hope it uploads, fingers crossed. If anyone was wondering what software I'm using its called Blogaway and I think its only available on the android market, I looked on itunes but couldn't find it! But anyway on the the blog post...

I'm really obssessed with looking at tattoo's, unfortunately I'm only 14 nearly 15 so I will have to wait a while to get one! My friend is an amazing drawer and drew a bow on my wrist and I fell in love with it! It's made me decided what I'm getting for my first tattoo. I've always wanted a black star on my wrist but now I'm hooked on bow tattoos, I've decided I'm going to get a little pink bow on my left wrist:)

Has anyone ever had a wrist tattoo? because I really wanna know how painful its going to be!

I'll add a picture of the bow my friend drew:)

Becky xx

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